Android devices without Google Play Services

To use the full functionality of the Nuki app on Android device, the Google Play Services are required.

The Google Play Services are mandatory to use the following features of Nuki:

  • Location services
  • Push notifications

There are smartphone manufacturers, such as Huawei, who do not offer Google Play Services on some devices. Here you can find out if your smartphone supports Google Play Services.

The following features of Nuki are not available on a smartphone without Google Play Services:

    • The location of the electronic door lock cannot be set or changed.
    • The Auto Unlock feature can not be used, because there is no location check in the background.
    • Smart Notifications and Smart Warnings cannot be used, because it is not possible to check the location in the background.
    • Nuki can’t give you a warning when opening the door remotely as the location check is not possible and the Nuki app doesn’t know if you are near the door or not.

Tags: Huawei, Honor

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