Improving the connection between your Nuki device and the Nuki Bridge

How you can increase connection quality and stability

Your Nuki device is connected to the Nuki Bridge but not available from afar? Here you can find simple steps to optimize the connection:

  • Check Bluetooth connection
    The connection between Bridge and Nuki device is influenced by the distance between the devices.
    Plug the Nuki Bridge into a power socket that is no more than 5 meters away from the paired device. Obstacles like walls or doors between the devices reduce the connection quality.
  • Check Wi-Fi connection
    Make sure that your Bridge has a good Wi-Fi connection to your router. If necessary, reduce the distance between your router and your Nuki Bridge to optimize the Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Reboot devices
    - Unplug the Bridge for a few seconds and plug it in again.
    - Disconnect your Wi-Fi router from power for a short time.
    By interrupting the power supply, your devices will reboot.
  • Update devices
    Make sure that the latest firmware version is installed on your Nuki devices. Also use the latest Nuki app version.

Note: You can check the connection quality under "Settings" > "Connection Status".
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