Manage Fob users

The access permissions of the Nuki Fob can be managed via the Lock Permissions of the paired Nuki device

To manage Fob permissions, select the Nuki device connected to the Fob in your Nuki app. Select "Settings" > "Lock permissions" > "Fob". By tapping on “Fob” you will see the Fobs already authorized for your device. You can edit the paired fobs, delete them or add a new fob to your device.
If you have online access to your device, it works even remotely.

Nuki Fob v2
Fob 2nd generation
Nuki Fob v2
Fob 1st generation


The Nuki Fob 2nd generation can be connected to several Nuki device (one Fob for up to 100 devices). If you connect the Fob to more than 100 Nuki device, the oldest authorization is always overwritten.

Note: The Nuki Fob 1st generation can only have one access permission to exactly one Nuki device.

Find out how to connect the Nuki Fob with a Nuki device here: Fob setup

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