Setting up the Keypad

The setup and administration of the Nuki Keypad is done via the Nuki app. Open the Nuki app and select "Manage Keypad" from the menu. Follow the instructions in the Nuki app to set up the Keypad, configure the Keypad settings or pair a Smart Lock with the Keypad.



The Nuki Keypad has been designed to be compatible with the entire Nuki product range. You can use your Keypad with the Smart Lock. The two devices communicate with each other via Bluetooth, which is why the Keypad can also be used offline (without an internet connection). Your Keypad can only be paired with one Smart Lock. Multiple Smart Locks require the use of multiple Keypads.

During the initial setup of the Nuki Keypad, a 6-digit security code must be set up to protect your Keypad from unauthorized access. The security code must then be entered every time you want to configure the settings of the Keypad or if you want to pair another Smart Lock.

After setting up your Keypad, you can create up to 200 individual entry codes with the Nuki app via the Smart Lock user management. You decide which permissions each user receives. Thanks to the Nuki app’s activity log, you can always keep track of who’s entering your home.

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