Setting up your Keypad

The Nuki App guides you through the setup of your Nuki Keypad

If you have already mounted your Keypad, open the Nuki app on your smartphone to set it up. Open the menu (top left) and select "Keypad" under "Manage my devices". The app will guide you through the necessary setup steps:

1. Select the device you want to connect to your Keypad
The Nuki app shows you all devices that can be connected to the Keypad. Choose the Nuki access solution you want to control via the Keypad.
If the device is already connected to another Keypad, the Nuki app offers you the option "Add new Keypad". Learn more.

2. Bring your Keypad into maintenance mode
Press the back key (◀) for five seconds until the LEDs on the Keypad are flashing.

3. Set your Secure Code
Set your personal, 6-digit Secure Code. This code protects your Keypad from unauthorized access. Learn more.
Keypad and Nuki device are being paired now.

4. Choose an entry code
If you want, you can already create your first entry code.
If you have a Keypad 2 you can also add a fingerprint after creating the entry code.

5. Set lock settings for your Keypad
If you want, you can use your Keypad to also lock your door. Learn more.

Your Keypad is now set up and ready to use!
After setting up your Keypad, you can manage the settings and entry codes in the "Locking permissions" section via the Nuki app.

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