Keypad signalization

Keypad status at a glance

The Keypad contains six white LEDs that give you feedback on the status of the Keypad.


LED signalization

Keypad inactive

LEDs off

Maintenance mode

LEDs animation

LEDs flash briefly
Error while scanning or recognizing the fingerprint* 1x
Smart Lock is out of range / connection error 2x
Authorization error 3x
Keypad is deactivated in the user management 4x
Locking currently not allowed, Keypad is limited in time 5x
Keypad is not paired with any Smart Lock 6x
Other error 7x

LED signalization when creating a fingerprint

With the Keypad 2 the choice is yours: You can open your door by typing in a 6-digit entry code or by putting your finger on it. A maximum of 20 fingerprints can be created per Keypad 2.

The Nuki app guides you through the enrollment process. Repeatedly lift and rest your finger on the fingerprint sensor of your Keypad 2. You get visual feedback about the progress in the scanning process directly on the Keypad.

Progress in the scanning process

LED Signalization

Step 1: Initial check of the fingerprint.

The first LED from the left lights up.

Step 2 - 6: Every time the finger is placed on the sensor again, the fingerprint template that is created is refined.

After each successful step, another LED lights up until all six LEDs are lit.

Step 7: Final check of the fingerprint.

All six LEDs are filled from left to right.

Error LEDs flash briefly
Error while scanning or recognizing the fingerprint 1x

*You need the Keypad 2 to open your door with your finger. The first version of the Nuki Keypad does not have a fingerprint sensor.

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