Power Pack loading capacity

Longer-lasting power for your Smart Lock

We’ve got a true powerhouse in store for your Smart Lock – the Nuki Power Pack. This rechargeable battery pack lets you experience a battery life of up to 6 months.

    • The Nuki Power Pack is equipped with a total charging capacity of 2500 mAh (4.8V DC | 2.5Ah | 12 Wh).
    • Please charge your Power Pack with the enclosed USB cable before first use.
    • For optimal performance we recommend the Amazon 5W USB Original Charger and Power Adapter.
    • The average charging time from empty to full is about 10 hours. During the charging process the LED flashes. When the Nuki Power Pack is fully charged the LED turns off.
    • Please note that the Power Pack reaches the full charging capacity after 2-3 charging processes.
    • The charging process is only started when the charge level has dropped below 75%. This is to protect the battery.

At a power level of 20% Nuki will notify you via the Nuki app and directly on the Smart Lock. So there is enough time to replace your batteries of your Smart Lock. In case you are not able to change the batteries or to charge the battery of your Nuki Power Pack in time, you can still use your existing, mechanical key.

How do I know if the batteries or the Power Pack of my Smart Lock are empty?

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