Activate Nuki Web

With Nuki Web you can easily manage and operate your Nuki device with your computer.
You can also use Nuki Web to integrate your Nuki device into your Smart Home.

To activate Nuki Web you need online access.

Activate Nuki Web via the Nuki app

To use the Nuki Web platform, you have to activate Nuki Web with your Nuki smartphone app. Tap on the desired Nuki device in the Nuki app and enter the lock settings. Then go to "Features & Configuration". Here you can find the option "Activate Nuki Web" where you can activate Nuki Web for your Smart Lock. Follow the instructions in the Nuki app.

If you want to manage multiple devices with Nuki Web, you have to activate each Nuki device seperately for security reasons, so that it appears in your Nuki Web account.

Activating your device for Nuki Web will create a Nuki Web account for you. To complete the creation of your account, you have the following secure and convenient options:

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