Do I need the Nuki Bridge if I want to use the Smart Lock with Matter?

The Matter integration makes it easy to add the Nuki Smart Lock to your Smart Home. 
You do not necessarily need Remote Access (via Nuki Bridge, built-in Wi-Fi module or Thread) to use the Matter integration; however, the functionalities of the Smart Home app are limited compared to the Nuki app and there are considerably fewer features available.
It essentially depends on your personal usage situation. If you wish to use all Smart Lock features, we recommend using the Remote Access via Nuki together with Matter.

Using features of the Nuki app
If you wish to use all Smart Lock features (such as managing access permissions), we recommend using Remote Access. Then, you can simply use the Nuki app to have all Smart Lock features at your disposal.

Using the Nuki app and Matter at the same time
Of course, you can also use both at the same time. This way, you can access your Smart Lock remotly with the Nuki app by using the Bridge, built-in Wi-Fi or Thread. At the same time you can use the Smart Home app locally via your Matter Hub.

Remote Smart Lock control
You can control your Smart Lock remotely using the Smart Home app and your Matter hub. The Thread-compatible Matter (such as an Apple HomePod, or Apple TV) hub serves as the control center.
With the Smart Home app, you can lock and unlock your Smart Lock (4th Generation) and check lock status or battery state. If you have a knob or a bar on the outside of your door, "unlock" always automatically means "open door" (the door mechanism is unlatched and the door opens).

For full remote access to all features, we recommend using the Nuki Bridge, Remote access via Thread or the built-in Wi-Fi module of the Pro version.

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