How can I charge the Nuki Power Pack?

There are two ways to charge the Nuki Power Pack:

1. The Power Pack can be removed from the Smart Lock to charge it with a standard USB-C charging cable (included). The Nuki Power Pack is located on the bottom of the Smart Lock. To open it, press the small lever in the arrow direction and take the Power Pack out of the Smart Lock. Then charge the power pack and reinsert it into the Smart Lock.

2. The Power Pack can also be charged directly on the door while inserted into the Smart Lock. To do this, plug a USB-C charging cable in the appropriate length into one of the two USB-C ports of the Nuki Power Pack and charge the battery directly at the door. Be careful not to block the door with the cable to avoid damaging the Power Pack. Thus, a permanent power supply of the Smart Lock is possible. It is not necessary to unplug the cable to use the Smart Lock.

The average charging time from empty to full is about 10 hours.

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