After updating my iPhone to iOS 15, the Auto Unlock feature does not work properly. What can I do?

After updating your iPhone to iOS 15, Auto Unlock may not work as reliably as you are used to.

Nuki uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you leave your home: The operating system detects the position of your phone. When you approach your home again, it activates the Nuki app. The Nuki app now scans for your Smart Lock via Bluetooth and unlocks your door for you when you reach the door. Here you can read how Auto Unlock works in detail.

For some users this interaction between iOS 15 and the Nuki app causes problems. If you are affected please follow the steps listed below.


  • Update your iPhone and the Nuki app
    Make sure you have the latest iOS version and the latest Nuki app installed on your iPhone
  • Reset Auto Unlock
    1. Disable all Smart Actions
    2. Restart your iPhone
    3. Re-enable Auto Unlock


If there still is no improvement despite the above troubleshooting steps please

  • Create an Auto Unlock report
    Please send us an Auto Unlock report: Open the main menu in the Nuki app and select "Help" > "Contact Nuki Support".
    The Nuki Support Team will be happy to assist you!

General information about optimizing Auto Unlock can be found here.

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