After updating my iPhone to iOS 15, the Auto Unlock feature does not work properly. What can I do?

After updating the iPhone to iOS 15, we have received feedback from some users that the Auto Unlock feature has not been working as reliably as it used to. Not only Nuki was affected. Since the update to iOS 15, other manufacturers have also experienced increased problems with so-called ‘geofence actions’.

iOS 15.3 brings improvements

Apple has provided a new version of the operating system - iOS 15.3. This update brings improvements for location-based features: The feedback we received from our community is consistently positive. According to this, Auto Unlock worked reliably again after updating the operating system to iOS 15.3.

Detailed information

Nuki uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you leave your home: The operating system detects the position of your phone. When you approach your home again, it activates the Nuki app. The Nuki app now scans for your Smart Lock via Bluetooth and unlocks your door for you when you reach the door. Here you can read how Auto Unlock works in detail.

Exactly this interaction between the Nuki app and the operating system does not always work smoothly since the update to iOS 15. This is because the Nuki app is not activated by the operating system or not activated in time. Since we have no direct influence on changes of the operating system, we cannot fix the cause for this. However, with the Nuki App version 3.1.0 the Auto Unlock feature was improved again on iOS 15.
The Apple update iOS 15.3 now also ensures that Nuki reliably opens your door again when you come home.


  • Update your iPhone
    Make sure you have the latest iOS version 15.3 installed on your iPhone. This new version fixes problems with geofencing.
  • Update your Nuki app
    Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Nuki app.

    With the Nuki app version 3.1.0 we have introduced the Attention mode in the Auto Unlock expert settings. The Attention mode is activated by default for iOS 15 users. It ensures that the Nuki app is active more often and receives regular location updates. As a result, Auto Unlock will run reliably again.
    Note: Please never quit the Nuki app by "killing" (by "swiping out") the app when using Auto Unlock.

    With the Attention mode activated Nuki accesses location data more frequently. This is also noticeable in Apple's App Privacy Report. More information about Nuki and Apple's App Privacy Report can be found here.

  • Reset Auto Unlock
    1. Disable all Smart Actions
    2. Restart your iPhone
    3. Re-enable Auto Unlock


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