Smart Door Remote Access via Nuki Bridge

The Smart Door is compatible with the Nuki Bridge and thus controlable from afar.

Remote access has to be activated by entering a Remote Access Activation Code in the Nuki app.

To activate remote access for your Smart Door, tap on the desired Smart Door in the Nuki app and open the settings. Then select "Features & Configuration". Here you will find the option to activate the remote access.

If the activation code was entered successfully, you can pair your Smart Door with the Nuki Bridge.
Here you can find instructions on how to pair your Nuki device with the Bridge.

For a Smart Door you only need one Remote Access Activation Code, which can then be used to grant remote access to any user of the Smart Door via the Nuki app.

If the Remote Access activation code is not included from the start when the door installer installs the Smart Door, you can also buy one separately afterwards via the Nuki app ("Features & Configuration"> "Remote Access").
Note: You can test the Remote Access for free during a one month trial. After 30 days, you need to enter the Remote Access Activation Code in the Nuki app.

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