Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa

The Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa allows you to control your Nuki device with Alexa.

Supported functionalities of the "Nuki Smart Home" skill

- Lock the door
- Unlock or open the door (PIN required)
- Ask if the door is locked

The name of the Nuki Smart Lock (e.g. "Front door") is configured in the Amazon Alexa app. It must be included in all commands so that Alexa knows which Smart Home device should be locked.

The unlocking/opening of doors must be activated in the Alexa app at the respective door lock.

To use the "Nuki Smart Home" skill you need remote access to your Nuki device and a free Nuki Web account.

Setup instructions

1. Activate Nuki Web in your Nuki App ("Settings" > "Features & Configuration" > "Activate Nuki Web" ).

2. Select "Amazon Alexa" in the “Features & Configuration” section in the Nuki app.

3. Tap on "Connect now" to link your Nuki Web account with Alexa.

4. If the Alexa app is installed on your smartphone, it will open automatically and you can link your Nuki Web account with Alexa.

You can now use Alexa to ask the status of your Nuki devices via voice control or to lock your door!

Note: If Alexa is NOT installed on your smartphone, you will be redirected to the web view of the Amazon login page. Login to your Amazon account and link your Nuki Web account to Alexa!

Open/unlock door

If you want to unlock or open your door via voice control, activate this feature directly in the Alexa app.

Open your Amazon Alexa app and tap on "Nuki Smart Home Skill" > "Settings" > "Manage Smart Home Devices" and select the desired Nuki device. Here you can activate the unlocking of the door and define a personal security code. Before Alexa opens the door for you, you will always be asked for this security code.

Note: Depending on the door handle you set, the Alexa will either unlock your door (handle) or pull the latch (knob or bar) to open the door.

Interaction with Alexa

Examples for names and commands:

"Alexa, lock Nuki."
"Alexa, unlock Nuki."
“Alexa, is Nuki locked?”

"Alexa, lock Home."
"Alexa, unlock Home."
“Alexa, is Home locked?”

Front door:
"Alexa, lock the front door."
"Alexa, unlock the front door."
“Alexa, is the front door locked?”


You cannot login with your Nuki Web account?
Make sure you have activated Nuki Web. Open the Nuki app on your smartphone and tap on the desired Smart Lock. Then select "Settings" > "Features & Configuration" > "Activate Nuki Web" and follow the instructions in the Nuki app.

Alexa doesn't recognize the name of your Nuki Smart Lock?
Alexa takes the name of the device from your Nuki web account.
If you want to change the name or if Alexa doesn’t recognize the name of your Nuki device, change it directly in your Alexa app. To do so, open the Amazon Alexa app and choose "Skills" in the menu. Go to the "Nuki Smart Home" and then to "Settings" > "Manage Smart Home Devices". Select the Smart Lock you want to use, then tap "Edit" and "Edit Name" in the upper right corner. This name must be included in all commands so that Alexa knows which Smart Home device should be locked.

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