Integration of Nuki in other Smart Home systems

Integrate Nuki in your Smart Home environment

The Nuki Smart Lock can be easily integrated into your Smart Home:

Nuki and Matter

The Smart Lock (4th Generation) supports Matter, the new standard for seamless integration into your Smart Home. Whether it be Apple Home, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, your Smart Lock is fully integrated in just a few clicks.
Learn more about Matter.

Nuki and HomeKit

The Smart Lock of the 2nd and 3rd generations supports HomeKit.
Learn more about HomeKit.

Integrations via Nuki Web

Various integrations in the Smart Home (Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT) and short rentals can be used through Nuki Web.
Information about Smart Hosting with Nuki can be found here: Smart Hosting Subscription.

The integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Home can be used either via Matter integration or Nuki Web.

  • Local integration via Matter
    With the Smart Lock (4th Generation) and a suitable hub, you can use Matter integration. You'll need a hub supporting Matter via Thread for this purpose.
  • Integration via Nuki Web
    Before you can integrate your Smart Lock into your Smart Home, activate Nuki Web. In this case, information is provided in our cloud service for integration purposes.

Open APIs

Nuki offers open interfaces for integration into various scenarios. 
Learn more about Nuki's open API here.


The Smart Lock 3.0 Pro and the Smart Locks Pro (4th Generation) can be easily integrated into your home automation using MQTT. Popular Smart Home hubs like HomeBridge or Home Assistant can be connected via MQTT. 
Learn more.

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