Open the door with your Garmin smartwatch

With the Nuki Garmin Watch app you can open your door from your wrist.

One of the most significant advantages of smartwatches is that you don't need your smartphone so often. With Nuki, your smartphone can stay in your pocket. Just use your watch to open your door.

Installation & Setup

  1. Make sure your Watch and smartphone are connected.
    Please note that the Garmin Connect app must be installed.
  2. Open the Garmin Connect IQ Store and install the Nuki app on your watch.
  3. Open the Nuki app on your smartphone and select "Connect Garmin Watch" in the menu. The connection to your watch will be established.
    The menu item "Connect Garmin Watch" is only displayed if the Garmin Connect app has been installed before.
  4. Select the desired Nuki device.
    You can control up to three Nuki devices via your watch.

From now on you can control your Nuki device via your smartwatch!
Two lock commands are displayed on your watch. By scrolling or turning the dial you can see the other lock commands.

What you should know about Nuki & Garmin

  • Android & iOS
    Whether you're an Android or iOS user, the Nuki Garmin Watch app lets you control your Nuki device with your Garmin watch.
  • Communication via your smartphone
    To control your door with the smartwatch, you also need your smartphone. However, it can stay in your pocket. The watch and smartphone only need to be within Bluetooth range of each other.
  • Locking actions via Bluetooth
    Your Smart Lock or Smart Door can be controlled via Bluetooth only.
    The Nuki Opener can also be controlled remotely by using your smartwatch.
  • Language availability
    You can use your app on your smartwatch in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Tip: In case of connection problems or errors in the status display, always reboot your smartphone and your watch.
To control your door via your Garmin watch the Nuki app has to be accessible. Meaning the Nuki app has to be at least open in the background on your smartphone. Check the settings of your smartphone and correct them if necessary.

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