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To manage the settings of your Smart Lock, tap on the Smart Lock in the Nuki app and enter the lock settings. There you find the following options:

Option: Explanation:
Manage Smart Lock Basic Smart Lock settings, which are stored directly on the Smart Lock.
- Name Name of the Smart Lock
- Set location The location of the Smart Locks is required for location-based functions.
- Choose door fitting You can choose between handle and knob/bar. Nuki Smart Lock can pull the latch for you, if you have a knob or bar on the outside of your door.
- Unlatch duration If you have selected "knob or bar" as door handle, you can specify here how long the Nuki Smart Lock should hold the latch when opening the door.
- Locking rotation Specify whether the Nuki Smart Lock should lock your door 1x or 2x (or more).
- Lock 'n' Go duration Lock 'n' Go opens the door and locks it automatically after a specified time.
- Energy-saving mode With the energy-saving mode you can determine the interval in which your Smart Lock should communicate with the Nuki App. The slower the Bluetooth scanning intervall, the less energy will be used.
- Battery type Nuki Smart Lock will automatically detect if alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries are used. This optimizes the respective limits for the battery warning. You can also configure the battery type manually. You can find more information about batteries here.
- Button on the Smart Lock Allow locking operations by pressing the button on the Smart Lock. When this option is deactivated, nothing happens when you press the button on the Smart Lock.
- Bluetooth Pairing Allow pairing with new devices via Bluetooth. When this option is deactivated, you can only add new Smart Lock users via invitation code. How to add users via invitation code
- Calibrate Smart Lock During the initial setup the Smart Lock calibrates itself and adapts to your door. You can still re-calibrate your Smart Lock later. How to re-calibrate your Smart Lock
- Change PIN Set an PIN to prevent others from deleting your Nuki or sending further invitations.
- Change time zone Set the time zone for your Smart Lock.
- Automatic time shift Automatic adjustment to summer or winter time.
- LED brightness Brightness of the LED ring on the Smart Lock.
- LED signal on the Smart Lock When the Smart Lock is unlocked, the top segment of the LED ring flashes 1x every 1.5 seconds.
- Factory reset Reset the Smart Lock to factory default settings. All data will be irretrievably deleted.
Manage users Manage access permissions for your Smart Lock. You can add new users to your Smart Lock or you can view and edit existing ones.
Activity log Displays the history of your Smart Locks locking operations.The last operation performed is at the top of the list.
Display name The name of the Smart Lock, which is displayed in the Nuki app. Only you can see the display name you choose in your app. The display name may differ from the Smart Lock name in “Manage Smart Lock”.
Favourite Set a Smart Lock as your favourite to see it in the favourites view.
Auto Unlock Activate Auto Unlock if you want Nuki to automatically unlock the door when you are near this Smart Lock. Details to the Auto Unlock function
Action for ...
- Auto Unlock
Choose wheter an Auto Unlock should just unlock your door, or if Nuki should lock your door again afterwards with the Lock ’n’ Go feature. With the Lock ’n’ Go feature Nuki unlocks your door and locks it again after 20 seconds.
Action for ...
- Swipe to left
- Swipe to right
By swiping left or right you lock or unlock your door quickly. The default setting for swipe guestures is “intelligent”. This means that your Smart Lock unlocks the door if it is locked, and locks the door, when it is unlocked.
Delete Smart Lock Remove the Smart Lock from the Nuki app.

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