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To manage the settings of your Nuki device, tap on the device in the Nuki app and enter the settings. There you find the following options:

Option Explanation
Features & Configuration Manage your Nuki device and customize the smart features to your individual needs.
General Basic settings, which are stored directly on the device.
This includes name, PIN, location or time zone, but also the calibration and locking rotation for the Nuki Smart Lock.
Built-in Wi-Fi Activate online access.
The Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module.
Battery Information about battery type and power saving mode.
For an optimal power supply of the Nuki Smart Lock we recommend the Nuki Power Pack
LED & Button Button on the device.
- Lock actions by pressing the button.
- De-/Activate Bluetooth Pairing.
LED signal and LED brightness of the device.
Features Manage and customize features.
This includes the following features for the Nuki Smart Lock:
- Night Mode
- Scheduling
- Auto Lock
- Lock'n'Go
Integrationen Activate Nuki Web and manage push notifications.
Integrating the device into your smart home.
Accessories Manage Nuki Door Sensor.
Activity Log Displays the history of operations.
The last operation performed is at the top of the list.
Connection Status Information about existing connections of the device.
Display Name The name of the device, which is displayed in the Nuki app.
Lock Permissions Manage access permissions for your device.
Add new users, Keypad entry codes or Fob permissions.
View and edit existing permissions.
Actions De-/Activate Smart Actions (Auto Unlock).
Set Swipe Actions.
Delete Device Remove the device from the Nuki app.


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