How to integrate your Smart Lock with Apple HomeKit

The HomeKit integration makes it easy to add the Nuki Smart Lock to your Smart Home.

You can manage your Nuki Smart Lock via the Apple Home App and control it via Siri.

Your HomeKit integration code can be found:
- on the back of your Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro),
- on the bottom of your Smart Lock 2.0,
- in the Smart Locks package insert.

The 1st generation Nuki Smart Lock (before autumn 2018) is not compatible with HomeKit.

Your HomeKit code cannot be scanned?

If the app displays an error message when you scan the HomeKit code from the Smart Lock package, please try to scan the HomeKit code please directly on the Smart Lock; this code is guaranteed to work.
Note: For Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro), you can find the HomeKit code on the back of the device.
For the Smart Lock 2.0, you can find the HomeKit code on the bottom of the device.


If you have removed the sticker with the HomeKit code from your Smart Lock, and therefore no longer have this code available, please contact the Nuki Support.

To help the Nuki team process your request quickly, please include your Smart Lock ID. You can find it in your Nuki app by tapping on the desired Smart Lock and opening the "Feature & Configuration" > "General" section.

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