Installation requirements

The Nuki Box is an electronically controlled potential-free relay that replaces various switches and can be operated remotely. You can use the Nuki Box to unlock any electronically controlled locking systems, such as the entrances to residential buildings or garages.

Make sure that the following installation requirements are met for installing and using the Nuki Box:

Electronically controlled locking system

The box is connected in parallel to the already existing electronically controlled locking system. In order to install the Nuki Box, it is therefore mandatory that your door is already equipped with an electronically controlled locking system. This is the basic requirement for the installation of the Nuki Box.

Power supply

In order to install the Nuki Box a power supply (8-36V AC/DC) is required. The Nuki Box has to be connected to power with the help of a suiting power supply unit.

GSM reception

The Nuki Box is delivered including an eSIM. With the help of this eSIM the Nuki Box connects to the Nuki servers. So the installation of the Nuki Box is only possible at locations where 2G GSM reception is guaranteed.

Indoor usage

The device is only suitable for use in dry interior spaces. The operation temperature for the Nuki Box is in the range of 10-40°C.

Note: Do not use the Nuki Box in combination with fire doors, escape doors or other doors with special requirements!

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