Note: For the installation of the Nuki Box, expert knowledge in the field of electrical engineering is required. Additionally, we strongly recommend reading the manual of the existing locking system of the door in advance. If necessary, contact the property management / facility management in order to avoid any warranty problems.

  1. Check the conditions according to the installation requirements and make sure that the power supply and 2G GSM reception are guaranteed on site.

  2. Before you start the installation of your Nuki Box, take a photo of the wiring of your electronically controlled locking system.

  3. Make a note of the Nuki Box ID, which you can find on the top of the device. You will need this ID to set up your Nuki Box.

  4. Depending on the locking system you have, connect either the NO-contact (Green-White and White) or the NC-contact (Green-White and Green) of the Nuki Box with the opening mechanism of the door.

  5. The Nuki Box has to be connected to power with the help of a suiting power supply unit (8-36 Volts AC/DC).

  6. As soon as the Nuki Box is connected correctly, the booting process of the device will start. The LED flashes red in intervals of one second. This process takes about 30 seconds.

  7. As soon as the Nuki Box is connected to the Nuki servers the LED will light up green. This may take a few minutes depending on the GSM signal quality. As soon as the LED lights up green, proceed with the setup of your Nuki Box.

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