Nuki Box Setup

To manage your Nuki Box you need a Nuki Box management account. This account can be created during the Nuki Box setup.

Create Nuki Box management account

To start the Nuki Box setup, please open the following link:

Either use an existing Nuki Box management account or click on "Register" to create a new Nuki Box management account. Note that an already existing Nuki Web account cannot be used as a Nuki Box management account.

Once you have registered and logged in, you will be guided through the setup process step by step. Here you will find all information about the cable assignment and the correct installation of your Nuki Box.

Required information about your device

To complete the setup process you need to enter and confirm some information about your device:

  • Nuki Box ID
    You can find the device ID on the top of your Nuki Box.
  • Name of the Nuki Box
    Choose a name for your Nuki Box.
  • Location
    Set the location of your Nuki Box. The location of your device is needed for the feature “Auto Unlock”.
  • PIN
    Set a four-digit PIN. With the PIN you ensure that no unauthorized person can change the settings of your Nuki Box. Only if you know the PIN you can change the settings of your Nuki Box via the Nuki App.

Please check all entered data again and proceed with the functionality test of your Nuki Box.

Functionality test

By sending an opening command via your account you can test whether the Nuki Box is set up correctly. If the test is successful, you will receive a confirmation. You can now control and manage your Nuki Box via your account.
In the next step, also check the functionality of the Nuki App in Bluetooth range to the Nuki Box:

  1. Create an invitation for your app user and download the Nuki App to your smartphone.
  2. Now add the Nuki Box in the app by entering the created invitation code.
  3. Disable Wi-Fi and mobile data usage on your smartphone and make sure Bluetooth is enabled.
  4. Now tap on "Open door" in the Nuki app and check if the locking action has been executed to complete the functionality test.

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