Add and manage Nuki Partner App users

To allow an employee of your company to open a door via smartphone, create an authorization for the person in your Nuki Partner account.
Select "User" in your account on the left and click on "New permission" and choose the devices for which access is needed. Share the now generated invitation code via email with your employee.

If your employee has received your invitation code, the door can be opened immediately with the smartphone after the invitation code has been redeemed.
For this purpose, it is advisable to open the invitation email directly on the smartphone. By tapping “Accept invitation” the employee is now guided through the setup process step by step.
From now on, the smartphone is the key for your employees and they can enjoy all the benefits of a digital access system.

Note: To open the door via smartphone, the installation of the Nuki Partner App on the smartphone of the employee is required. Invitation codes can only be redeemed once within 48 hours.

The Nuki Partner App is available for Android and iOS users.

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