Add and manage Nuki Fob permissions

To enable an employee of your company to use the Nuki Fob to open doors, the Nuki Fob has to be added to your Nuki Web partner account. To add the Nuki Fob, the Nuki Partner App and the Nuki Fob itself are required.

After the setup process, the Nuki Fob permissions are automatically created in the Nuki Web partner account and can be managed there.

To add your Nuki Fob please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Nuki Partner App with your Nuki Box partner account.
  2. Tap on the menu in the upper left corner of the home screen "Nuki Partner" and select "Manage my devices" > "Nuki Fob" > "Manage Fob".
  3. Press and hold the button of the Nuki Fob for at least 10 seconds until the display in the Partner App changes to "Fob is connected...".
  4. On the "Manage Fob" screen tap the button "Connect now".
  5. Enter the name for your Fob and tap "OK".
  6. The display name is now shown on the "Manage Fob" screen. This name can also be seen in the Nuki Web partner account.
  7. Via the check mark in the upper right corner you can now exit "Manage Fob" and reboot the Nuki Fob to leave the maintenance mode.

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