Locking with the Nuki Fob

Open the door with the Nuki Fob.

Once a Nuki Fob is linked to the Nuki Box Partner account, the door can be opened simply by pressing a button via Bluetooth.
To open the door, please press the button of the Nuki Fob. The LED will light up once to confirm the action. The Bluetooth connection to the installed Nuki Box is established and the door is now opened. The successful action is signaled by the LED lighting up again.

The average Bluetooth range is between 5 and 15 meters. Under optimal conditions you can control the door of the object from about 15 meters away with your Nuki Fob. Reinforced doors or shielding materials, such as glass, may limit the range of the Fob from outside.


To open the door with the Nuki Fob, you only need to press the button on the Fob once. If the door still remains locked, please check the LED signalization of the Nuki Fob.

Note: If the LED of the Nuki Fob is blinking 6x, the Nuki Fob has not been linked to the Nuki Web Partner account via the Partner App. Please follow the steps to link the Nuki Web Partner Account and the Nuki Fob before using the Fob.

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