Manage Nuki Box

The Nuki Box management account is a Nuki web account that allows you to control your Nuki Box and manage permissions.

In the menu (left) you will find all information about your devices as well as several options to manage your Nuki Box:

  • Devices
    The section “devices” contains a list of all devices that are connected to your account. Note that an existing Nuki Web Account cannot be used as a Nuki Box management account. On the other hand, you can connect all your Nuki devices to this account and manage them comfortably via the same account.
  • User
    Here you will find an overview of all granted access permissions.
  • Activity Log
    The activity log shows all locking actions. As the owner or administrator, only the names of your own permissions are displayed. Anonymized, however, are all those actions that are performed by users of the “residential units”. For privacy reasons it is not possible to see which user has opened the door at any time.
  • Set up Nuki Box
    This section allows you to start the setup process for your Nuki Box. You can add as many boxes as you like to your Nuki Box management account.
  • Addresses
    To manage different boxes at one location, add addresses to your Nuki Box management account. For example, if a building has two doors, each equipped with a Nuki Box, create an address for the building and add both boxes to the address. This way you have the possibility to manage all boxes at the same location together.

    Residential Units
    For each address you can create "Residential units". A residential unit shows all Smart Locks that you have added for different parties in the building for an “Address”.

    Please note that the “Address” name can only be changed as long as no residential unit has been added.
  • Settings
    The menu item "Settings" contains the possibility to manage the account itself as well as set up sub-accounts for other users to access the connected devices (with retsricted rights if needed).

    Under "Manage account" you can change mail address, password or two-factor authentication for your account.

    As owner or administrator of the Nuki Box you also have the possibility to create and manage different permission levels.
    If you want to authorize another person to manage your Nuki Box, create a Sub-account. You can find this option in the "Rights Management" section of your Nuki Box Management Account. Here you can also manage existing Sub-accounts.

    “Sub-account” are instances of your main account and can be restricted in terms of access rights. However, it is currently not possible to grant a subaccount access to individual devices only. A subaccount will at least always see all connected devices of the account.
  • Integrations
    In this section you have the possibility to connect your Nuki Box with Short Term Rental services and IFTTT or control your Nuki Box via API.
  • Account Settings
    In the top right corner of your Nuki Box management account you can find the option to change the display name of your Nuki Box under "Settings" and also add it to your favorites.
  • Manage Nuki Box
    If you want to change your PIN, location or device name, click on "Manage Nuki Box" in the upper right corner of your Nuki Box management account to make the changes.

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