Redeem invitation code

If you have received an invitation code for the Nuki access system from the property management or the owner of the building, you can immediately open the door with your smartphone after redeeming the invitation code and also create invitations for friends and family members. This only takes a few moments.

Open the invitation email directly on your smartphone and tap on “Accept invitation”. You will be guided through the setup process step by step. Alternatively download the Nuki app on your smartphone and open the menu in the upper left corner (three yellow bars). Tap on "Enter invitation code" and enter the invitation code into the field provided.

In the next step you create your personal Nuki Web account to use and manage your Smart Lock. For this please enter the email address with which you want to connect the Smart Lock to Nuki Web.
If you already have a Nuki Web Account, add your Smart Lock by confirming your email address with your password.
If you don't have a Nuki Web Account yet, set your Nuki Web password now.

From now on you can manage your Smart Lock via Nuki Web or via the Nuki app and enjoy all the benefits of a digital access system.

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