Nuki Partner Program

With Nuki you get the key on your smartphone. Using the Nuki app, you and your staff can open multiple residence entrance doors simply and reliably.

To become a Nuki Box partner for free, please contact us via or
In consultation with the owner/ property manager of the building, your company will be registered as a Nuki Box partner.

As a Nuki partner you will get access to a Nuki Web account, which authorizes you as a company to use the Nuki Box. This access can be shared with your employees and allows you to manage all access authorizations of your employees in an easy and secure way.

Once you have access permission as a partner, you and your employees can open all permitted doors within Bluetooth range via the Nuki Partner App or the Nuki Fob.

More information about the Nuki Partner Program can be found here.

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