Create a support ticket in the Nuki app

Contact our customer service via the help menu in the Nuki app (Android Nuki app version 2.7.5 or iOS Nuki app version 2.7.6). This way, all relevant information about your devices will be attached to your request. The provided information will allow our support team to handle your request quickly and professionally.

How to create a support ticket in the Nuki app?

Creating a support-ticket via Nuki App is very easy. Open the main menu (top left corner, three yellow bars) and tap on "Help" > "Contact customer support".
As our support team will reply to you as soon as possible via email, please provide us with your full name and email address. This information is only used for communication with our support team and will not be stored or used for any other purpose.

Now a list of your personal devices and all product types will be displayed. Select the device you have questions about. This can be an already configured device in your Nuki app or just the general product type if a device has not been configured yet or you have general questions about a product.

Please describe your request as detailed as possible in the next step. You are also welcome adding photos or screenshots to better illustrate your inquiry. You can attach up to six pictures.

As soon as you tap on "Create support ticket", a support ticket will be opened for you in our system In addition to the information you provide, some automatically generated reports will be attached to your support ticket. These reports help our technical support agents to advise you in the best way possible.

What information is attached to your request?

The reports that are generated by creating a support ticket help our support team to advise you in the best possible way and to quickly solve any problems. The reports do not contain any personal data, but only anonymized information about your devices, battery consumption and number of locking actions.

Debug log from the Nuki app
A debug log is generated in the Nuki app. The debug mode allows searching for errors in the Nuki app. The resulting information is collected in a debug log. Examples for information documented here would be Bluetooth communication errors between smartphone and Nuki devices.
The debug error log from the Nuki app therefore allows us a more detailed analysis of the situation when difficulties occur.

Reports about your devices
General information about the installed firmware of the used devices as well as their basic configuration is sent by creating a support ticket. Furthermore we receive an overview about all configured devices in the Nuki App, the model and the operating system of your smartphone.

Daily report and internal log of the device.
Finally, reports about the number of lock actions as well as a detailed breakdown of the battery values over a defined period of time will be generated.
This information is especially helpful if you have questions about your smart lock's power consumption.
All information included is anonymized and does not allow for any conclusions to be drawn about the behavior of individual users.

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