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Contact our customer service via the help section in the Nuki app

If you have questions about your Nuki products, it's best to open a ticket via the Nuki App. Your app will send us information about your devices. Problems can be detected and solved more easily. And you get fast and competent help. 

This information will be attached to your request

  • Debug report from the Nuki App 
    The debug report contains information about errors in the Nuki app. An example for information documented here are Bluetooth communication errors between smartphone and Nuki devices. 
  • Reports about your devices 
    The following information is transmitted: 
    * Installed firmware of the used Nuki devices 
    * Information about basic configuration of the Nuki devices 
    * Number and type of Nuki devices configured in the Nuki App 
    * Smartphone model and operating system 
  • Daily report and internal error report of the device 
    The following information is transmitted: 
    * Number of locking actions as well as 
    * A detailed breakdown of battery values over a defined period of time. If you have questions about power consumption, these reports are especially helpful.

All included information is anonymized and does not allow any conclusions about the behavior of individual users. 

Create a support ticket via the app

You can create a support ticket by selecting "Help" > "Contact customer support" in the menu of the Nuki app. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Name and email address 
    This information is only used for communication with our support team and will not be stored or used for any other purpose. 
  • Device 
    Select the product you want to contact us about from the device list. 
  • Description 
    Describe your problem and add up to six pictures if necessary.

After sending your request, a ticket will be created for you in our system.

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