Protection against unauthorized access

Your security is our highest priority

Of course, this also applies to the Nuki Keypad. The Bluetooth communication between the Keypad and the Nuki device is based on digital keys consisting of randomly generated, anonymous ID numbers and is encrypted end-to-end. You can read the details about our encryption technologies in the blogpost about our security concept.

In addition, various security features are available to maximize safety when using the Keypad:

Security through code protection

During the initial setup of the Nuki Keypad you have to define a 6-digit security code security code.
Entering the secure code is required whenever you want to manage your Keypad or connect another Smart Lock to the Nuki Keypad. The secure code therefore protects your Keypad from unauthorized access and theft.

Note: You cannot manage or reset your Keypad without entering the secure code. Since the code is only stored on your Keypad, make a note of it so that you can manage your Nuki Keypad at any time.

Get informed if someone entered a wrong Keypad entry code

Activity Log

In the activity log every action performed on the Nuki device is recorded.
The activity log provides a complete list of the past 1000 actions. Besides the exact time of an action, the activity log also contains information about the user who unlocked the door.

When using the Nuki Keypad, the entered entry code is always compared to the stored code on the Nuki device. If the entered and the stored codes do not match the incorrect entry is noted in the activity log of the Nuki app. This way you can always track if and when a wrong code was entered.


Nuki can send you notifications when a wrong entry code is entered.
To activate these warnings, open your Nuki app and choose “Settings” > “Features & Configuration” > “Manage notifications“. Here, you can log in with your Nuki Web account and activate warnings. This is essential, as notifications will then be transmitted through your Nuki Web account. If you haven’t activated Nuki Web yet, you can do so in just a few steps.

Protection against systematic code spying

To provide additional protection against systematic code spying, there will be a timeout for re-entering a code after a defined number of incorrect entries.

The following timeout duration is defined for incorrect Keypad code entries:

  • Five or more incorrect code entries: Timeout of 30 seconds
  • 15 or more incorrect code entries: Timeout of 3 minutes
  • 50 or more incorrect code entries: Timeout of 30 minutes

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