Turn your Wear OS watch into your key

Open the door from your wrist with your Wear OS smartwatch

From now on, you can leave your smartphone at home. Because in Bluetooth range you can control your Nuki device directly via your watch.
You have a Wear OS smartwatch with LTE? Then you can access your Nuki devices remotely at any time, while your smartphone stays at home.

Installation & Setup

  1. Make sure your watch and smartphone are connected.
  2. Press the power button to access the app list. Scroll down to the Google Play Store icon and search for the Nuki app.
  3. All connected Nuki devices will now be displayed on your watch.

From now on you can control your Nuki device via your smartwatch!
Two lock commands are displayed on your watch. By scrolling or turning the dial you can see the other lock commands.

What you should know about Nuki & Wear OS

  • Nuki app update
    With the app version 2023.3.1, improvements for Wear OS users have been implemented. We recommend to update the Nuki app.
  • Direct Bluetooth communication
    Within Bluetooth range, you can control your Nuki device directly via your watch. You don’t need to have your smartphone with you.
  • Online access
    You use a Wear OS smartwatch with internet access? All your Nuki devices can be controlled remotely directly from your watch.
  • Compatibility
    Nuki is compatible with Wear OS 2.0 or newer.
  • Troubleshooting
    In case of connection problems or errors in the status display, always reboot your smartphone and your watch.

Support of the Wear OS Tiles for even better usability

In the list of available tiles on your watch you will now also find a Nuki Tile. Select the Nuki Tile and add it to the carousel on your watch.
The Nuki Tile shows buttons for up to three devices and a "More" button.

  • Clicking on one of the buttons opens the Wear OS app and takes you directly to the selected device.
  • Clicking the "More" button opens the Wear OS app without going to a specific device.

This way the Nuki Tile provides you easy and fast access to your Nuki devices.

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