Installing the Nuki Opener with unknown digital intercom systems

Nuki supports various digital intercom systems

Digital intercom systems work with different signals that can differ in length and profile. If we do not list a digital system as compatible in our compatibility check, the system has not been tested yet. This means that we do not have a fitting profile for the signals of this system. The Nuki Opener (most likely) will not work with the unknown digital intercom system.

"Generic Bus (Generic)" profile

In the Nuki app you can select the profile "Generic Bus (Generic)". With this profile the Nuki Opener will try to automatically identify the ideal parameters. With the help of this profile the Opener can be configured with some unknown digital intercom systems. However, the functionality of the Nuki Opener cannot be guaranteed with unknown systems.
The installation guide for unknown intercom systems gives information about how to connect these intercom systems.

Note: The use of the guide for unknown systems is at your own risk. The following pages only give general guidelines on how to connect intercom systems. We have not tested the Nuki Opener with your intercom system or your specific cabling and therefore do not recommend connecting it to an unknown intercom.

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