Help for Opener installation with digital systems

Tips for troubleshooting “Ring To Open” or “Open” issues

If you encounter problems during or after the configuration of the Nuki Opener, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps.

Nuki app and firmware update

Make sure that the Nuki app as well as the Nuki Opener are updated. An up-to-date firmware and app not only ensures the full functionality of your Nuki products, but also guarantees maximum security.

Opening delay

Select your Nuki Opener in the Nuki app and tap on “Settings”. Open the "Features & Configuration" section and set the opening delay to three seconds or higher.

Basic wiring

With the basic wiring, all features of the Nuki Opener can be used. Only the ring suppression is not supported.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Start from the original wiring before you have connected the Opener.
  2. Just connect the black wire of the Opener (in addition to the wire of the system) to position **b** (Bus-) and the red wire of the Opener (in addition to the wire of the system) to position **a** (Bus+).
    Please don't perform further changes. Do not remove any wires or use the other wires of the Opener nor the extra connector block you received with your Opener.
  3. Now redo the configuration.
Digital basic wiring


Important notes on changes to the wiring

Please unplug the flat ribbon cable from the Opener if you are performing any modifications on the wiring and go back to the original wiring of your intercom before you reconnect the cables.

Do not plug the flat ribbon cable back into the opener before you are finished with the reconnection of the cables according to the instructions. This is necessary to prevent any damages to your intercom.

Any modification on the intercom is at your own risk. Nuki cannot offer compensation in case of any damages.

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