Analog intercom systems: No Ring to Open during or after configuration

With all analog systems, problems related to Ring To Open are usually a wiring issue.

Note: If Ring to Open only fails when approaching your door (Auto Unlock), you can find troubleshooting information for Smart Actions here.

Cable for the bell is not connected correctly

Check whether you have connected the cable for the bell from the port provided for it to the extra connector block that came with your delivery. Also connect the yellow cable of the Opener to the connector.

If the cable for the bell was not connected as described and the wiring has now been corrected, please reconfigure the opener and test the feature again.

No cable is connected to the port

Please check if the cable for the bell is connected to another port:

  1. Remove the cables of the system one after the other until the system does not ring anymore. If you found this cable, it is probably the cable for the bell.
  2. Connect this cable together with the yellow cable of the Opener to the extra connector block that came with your delivery.
  3. Once you have done this, please reconfigure the Opener and test Ring to Open again.

External bell

If the bell is not built into the intercom and is not connected to it via a cable, it is an external bell.

An external doorbell is basically no problem for using the Nuki Opener. You just need to adapt the wiring accordingly. Furthermore, our Nuki support team will configure the Opener for you remotely.

In a first step locate the wires for the external bell. In most cases, there are two wires. You also need to identify which one is the current carrying wire and which one is ground.
Now contact our technical support via the help menu in the Nuki app. Our support team will help you with the next steps.

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