Open the door with your Apple Watch

With your Apple Watch you can open your door from your wrist.

One of the most significant advantages of smartwatches is that you don't need your smartphone so often. From now on, you can even leave it at home. Because in Bluetooth range you can control your Nuki device directly via your watch.

With an Apple Watch LTE you can even control your Nuki devices remotely without having your iPhone with you.

Installation & Setup

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are connected.
  2. Open the "Watch" app on your iPhone. Now click on "Nuki" and activate the option "show on Apple Watch".
  3. All connected Nuki devices will now be displayed on your watch.
  4. If you are using multiple Nuki devices, they will be listed according to their order in the Nuki app on your iPhone. You can switch between the different devices by swiping left or right. If you want to move a specific device to the first position, set it as your favorite in the Nuki app on your iPhone.

From now on you can control your Nuki device via your Apple Watch!
Two lock commands are displayed on your watch. By scrolling or turning the dial you can see the other lock commands.

What you should know about Nuki & Apple Watch

  • Direct Bluetooth communication
    Within Bluetooth range, you can control your Nuki device directly via your watch. You don’t need to have your smartphone with you.
  • Communication via your smartphone
    You can control your Nuki devices even from afar. If you have an Apple Watch without LTE you need your iPhone with you. However, the iPhone can stay in your pocket as long as your Apple Watch and iPhone are within Bluetooth range.
  • Do you have an Apple Watch LTE?
    You don't need your iPhone even if you want to operate your door remotely. Your Apple Watch LTE communicates directly with your Nuki device.
  • Compatibility
    Nuki is compatible with WatchOS 7 and later, but Apple Watch Series 1&2 (WatchOS 6 and below) are no longer supported.

Tip: In case of connection problems or errors in the status display, always reboot your iPhone and your Apple Watch.

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