Security through PIN protection

By setting up a four-digit PIN code you can protect your Nuki Opener (Features & Configuration, Activity log and Lock Permissions) against unauthorized access. To set a PIN, tap on the desired Opener in the Nuki app and open the settings. Then select "Features & Configuration". Here you can configure the PIN under the option "Change PIN".

Every user who knows the PIN code can make changes to the Opener configuration. This means that there is no exclusive administrator for the Nuki app. There are users who either have the PIN and can therefore view the areas mentioned above, and there are users who do not have access to administration, activity log and lock permissions, because they do not know the PIN.

Forgot PIN

If you have forgotten the PIN code for your Opener and no other user knows the PIN, you must reset the Opener to factory settings to regain access to the PIN-protected areas.

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