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How to manage and protect your data

Nuki Web is the ideal way to manage your Nuki devices online. With Nuki Web you can control your devices from any internet-enabled device. In addition, you can use Nuki Web to very easily integrate your Nuki device into your Smart Home.

In order for you to access your Nuki device from any Internet-enabled device, data required for the management and control of the Nuki device must be stored on our server.

These personal and security-related data are stored on our servers:

  • Email address
  • Location of the Nuki device
  • Username and email address of the users
  • Encrypted passwords of the users
  • Activity log of the users
  • Four-digit security code
  • Configuration data of your device such as time zone, door handle or button settings

Your security and privacy are our priority!

Our security concepts and encryption protect your Nuki Web account and guarantee maximum security.

  • The digital keys stay on your devices
    The individual digital keys of users are stored exclusively on the end devices - i.e. the Smart Lock and the smartphone - and these are never stored in the cloud.
    Nuki Web gets its own key. With this key you can control your Nuki device via your Nuki Web account. All other keys are not transmitted to the cloud!
  • Encrypted data transmission to the server
    The transmission between your browser and the Nuki server is done via HTTPS. Since the communication is TLS encrypted, no third party can read the communication between these two systems.
    Backups of the database are stored encrypted in an external cloud in Germany and deleted after seven days. The external storage of data is done for security reasons in case of physical disturbances in our data center.
  • Secure location of the Nuki server
    The Nuki server is located in Germany. This way we ensure that the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation are met and your data is managed securely.
  • You have control over the deletion of your data
    If you no longer wish to use the Nuki cloud service, you can delete the data stored there on your own at any time. By removing your Nuki device from your Nuki Web account and deleting the account, all data will be deleted immediately.
  • Secure registration and authentication
    Secure registration and authentication protect your Nuki Web account from unauthorized access.
    For a secure registration you can use email verification, Sign in with Google and Apple. By choosing a secure password and activating the two-step verification, you protect your Nuki Web account and ensure maximum security.

Learn more about secure registration and secure authentication.

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