Battery warnings via email notification

As soon as the battery status of your Nuki device drops below 20%, you will receive a notification in your Nuki Web account. You can find the notification by choosing your device and opening the detail view of your Nuki device.
Also if the battery level of your Keypad has dropped below the critical value, you will be notified here.

You can additionally receive an email when the battery level of your Nuki device has dropped to a critical level. To use this feature, simply log into your Nuki Web account, choose your device and click on "Manage device" in the upper right corner. Activate the feature "Battery alerts via email" by using the slider. As owner of the Nuki Web account you will now receive an email notification when the battery level has dropped below 20%.

Note: All email notifications like battery warnings or short term rental information will be sent to the main account only.
Sub-accounts cannot be enabled for email notifications.

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