Security Code entry required

Mismatching security codes between Nuki app and Nuki Web lead to synchronization issues

By setting up a four-digit security code you can protect your Nuki Smart Lock (Features & Configuration, Activity log and Lock Permissions) against unauthorized access.
For security reasons we strongly recommend setting a security code.

The correct security code in app and Nuki Web
Your PIN code is not only required for making changes to the device configuration in your Nuki app. It also has to be entered in your Nuki web account. That means, if you change your security code in the Nuki app, you also have to change it in your Nuki Web account.
If the security code in your Web account and app don't match, this will lead to extensive synchronization problems.

We keep you informed
You get a notification in your Nuki Web account if your security code needs to be entered. Log in to your Nuki Web account; by clicking on your device you get the most important information about your device. This includes the warning if an error occurred.

How to change your security code (PIN)
If you want to change your security code choose your device and click on "Manage device" in the upper right corner of your Nuki Web account. Here you can manage various parameters of the device and change your security code (PIN).

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