Improve stability

The most important steps for improving the stability of Nuki Web

How stable is the connection to your device?

Often general connection problems prevent you from controlling your Nuki device via Nuki Web. In order to be able to use all features of Nuki Web, your Nuki device needs to be online.

So it's worth taking a look at the connection status of your devices if you experience problems.

Here you can find tips on how to improve remote access when using the Nuki Bridge.

Here you can find tips on how to improve the remote access when using the built-in Wi-Fi of the Smart Lock Pro.

Is your Nuki device available via the Nuki app?

The best way to check this is to deactivate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Then select "Lock" in the Nuki app. If this test fails, follow the tips to improve remote access.

If this test succeeds immediately, log in to your Nuki web account. You should now be able to control your devices via Nuki Web again.


Did you get a notification in your Web account?

Log in to your Nuki Web account. By clicking on your device you can see the most important information about your device:

  • Name of the Nuki device
  • State (locked/unlocked)
  • Door Sensor state (open/closed)
  • Date and time of the last update
  • Warning, if an error occurred

Date and time of the last update can give you information about possible connection problems.

The warnings tell you when an action is required. A common cause of errors is that the PIN code in Nuki Web was not entered. You can find out more about this here.

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