No or delayed push notifications

Nuki can send you notifications for specific Nuki device activities, or important warnings, e.g. when you need to change your batteries.

If you have activated notifications but don't receive them or receive them with a long delay, first follow the troubleshooting steps described here. If the push notifications still do not work, reset the push notification and reactivate it afterwards:

  1. In your Nuki app you can disable all notifications under "Settings" > "Features & Configuration" > "Manage notifications". Close this menu to save the configurations.
    Then open the menu again to re-enable the desired notifications.
  2. It can also be helpful to remove your device from the Nuki Web account and reconnect it.
    To do so, select your device in your Nuki Web account and click on the menu in the upper right corner (three dots). Here you click on "Delete".
    After that please open your Nuki app and go to the “Settings” > "Features & Configuration" > "Activate Nuki Web" to reconnect the device to your Nuki Web account.
    In the next step you can re-enable the notifications you want to receive in your app under the menu item "Manage notifications".

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