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Nuki Web is the ideal way to manage your Nuki devices online or to integrate them into your smart home. No matter if from your computer or on the road - with Nuki Web you can control your Nuki devices from any internet-enabled device.

Below you will find an overview of all features of your Nuki Web account

  • Devices
    You can manage as many devices as you want via your Nuki Web account.
    The section “Devices” contains a list of all devices that are connected to your account. You can choose between a tile view and a list view. Also, you can decide whether the devices should be sorted by name or by their date of addition to Nuki Web.

  • User
    Here you will find an overview of all granted access permissions. When a user is selected from the list, the following permission details will be shown:

    - Name, email (if added via Nuki Web) and editing possibilities
    - User-centered activities
    - An overview of the device(s) this user has access to, and a possibility to edit those permissions.

  • Activity Log
    The activity log shows all locking actions.
    By default, all log entries of all devices are listed chronologically.

    On the upper field, you have several filters to organise the log entries you need to verify. You can filter the activity logs by:

    - Device
    - User
    - Entry code
    - Action
    - Period

  • Integrations
    In this section you have the possibility to connect your Nuki device with Short Term Rental services and IFTTT or control your Nuki device via Web API.

  • Settings
    Manage security-related features and settings of your account in the Nuki Web Settings.

    The Nuki Web account is linked to you via an email account. Under "Manage account" you can change mail address, password or two-factor authentication for your account.

    As owner of the Nuki Web account you also have the possibility to give other users access to your devices connected to Nuki Web via sub-accounts with settable permission levels.
    If you want to authorize another person to manage your Nuki account, create a sub-account at the "Rights Management" section of your Nuki Web account. Here you can also manage existing sub-accounts.

    “Sub-accounts” are instances of your main account and can be restricted in terms of access rights. However, it is currently not possible to grant a sub-account access to individual devices only. A sub-account will at least always see all connected devices of the account.

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