Manage your Nuki device via Nuki Web

With Nuki Web, you can easily, quickly, and clearly manage and operate your Nuki device with every device with a sufficiently current web browser (e.g. current version of Google Chrome Firefox, Edge). In addition, you can use Nuki Web to very easily integrate your Nuki device into your Smart Home environment.

To enter the settings of your Nuki device click on your device. Nuki Web clearly shows you all menu items you need to easily manage your device:

  • Overview
    By clicking on your device you get to the detail page of the selected device. Here you will find:

    - the name of the device
    - the door lock status (locked/unlocked)
    - the door sensor status (open/closed)
    - the date and time of the last actualisation (synchronization)
    - warnings if an error occurred

    Just under this overview are the action buttons for locking operations.

  • Activity log
  • Location of your device
  • User
    In the "Users" section, all permissions for your device are displayed. Here you have the possibility to apply different actions for one or more users at once.

    To do this, click on the desired user(s) and select one of the following actions from the drop-down menu "Choose action":

    - Edit
    - Activate
    - Deactivate
    - Delete

    Do not forget to tap on the “Apply” button to confirm the selected action.

    In this section, you can also create a new permission for this device. Not only can you create one new permission, but you can also give a group of users access to your device all at once!

    To create a new permission for an existing user, simply click on "Add" and select the desired user from the already created users to authorize him for the device.

    If you have not yet created the user for whom you want to create an authorization, create a permission for a new user as follows:

    1. Click on "Create new user
    2. Enter the name and email address of the new user
    3. Restrict the permission according to your personal needs (time limitations or remote access)
    4. Choose the language of the invitation email

    When you create a permission on Nuki Web, the invitation will be sent via email to the address you entered for this user.

  • Settings
    In the top right corner of your Nuki Web account you can find the option to change the display name of your Nuki device under "Settings".
    The display name is only shown in your Nuki Web account and does not affect the device name for existing authorizations.
    In addition you can add the device to your favorites or delete the device from your Nuki Web account.

  • Manage device
    If you want to change your PIN, location or the configuration of your device, click on "Manage device" in the upper right corner of your Nuki Web account. Here you can manage parameters of the device and activate features like Auto Lock or Lock’n’Go.

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