Edit an existing access permission

The process to edit or delete an existing user is the same for Nuki app permissions as well as an Keypad entry code.

When a user is selected from the list, the permission details will be shown:

  • Name, email and editing possibilities
  • User-centered activities
  • An overview of the device(s) this user has access to, and a possibility to edit those permissions.

You have several options to edit an existing user:

  • Create a permission for the selected user for another device by tapping on "Create new permission".
  • Change details of an existing permission by selecting the desired device and editing the permission via the "Choose action" box.
  • Delete the user and all the permissions linked to it by clicking "Delete" in the upper section.
    When a permission is deleted, an email is also sent - if the user is connected to an email address - to inform the user about the revoked access.
  • Activate or deactivate a permission.
    Deactivating the permission keeps the settings for a permission, but it cannot be used for now. The “Deactivate” option is best if you want to re-enable access for a guest later.

Note: If editing or deleting permissions fails, follow the troubleshooting steps described here.

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