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Difference between Nuki app and Nuki Web users

Users are separated into different categories:

  • “Added via Nuki Web” (Nuki Web user)
    Users added via Nuki Web are connected to an email address. Therefore, the user can have permissions for several devices.
  • “Added via Nuki App” (Nuki app user)
    Users added via the Nuki app have been added from a specific device, and cannot have further permissions assigned.
  • “Added via Nuki Partner”
    This user category only exists if you have a Nuki Box management account and partner companies are authorized to open the front door.

Merge Nuki app and Nuki Web user

It is nevertheless possible to merge a permission added via the app with a user added via Nuki Web.
To do so, select the Nuki app user, and go to “Edit”. There, go to the dropdown menu “Merge with existing user” and select the Nuki Web user.

The user created via the Nuki app will now be merged onto the user added via Nuki Web. That means, the permission of the device will now be assigned to the email address of the user.
The user is not visible anymore in the “added via Nuki App” section, as the user now has the name of the Web user, but the access to the Nuki device stays the same.

Note: Keypad entry codes cannot be merged to a user created via Nuki Web (i.e. no email invites).

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