Add and manage Sub-accounts

Create and manage permission levels for your Nuki Web account

As owner or administrator of the Nuki Web account you can create and manage different permission levels. If you want to authorize another person to manage your Nuki Web account, create a Sub-account.

Sub-accounts are instances of your main account. Every Sub-account can see all devices connected to the main account and the lock state of the devices. Other rights can be restricted.

To create a new Sub-account, select "Settings" "Rights management" "Add Nuki Web account".

Here you can find an overview of the individual access rights with a detailed description:



Where to find it?

All (admin rights)

A Sub-account with admin rights has the same access rights as the main account.
Exception: All email notifications (e.g. battery warnings via email) are only sent to the main account.

Add devices

Adding a new device via the Nuki app.
With this right, Sub-account holders can add devices to the Nuki Web account.

Manage devices

Changing device settings.
This access right includes editing the display name and setting devices as favorites. Devices can also be deleted.
→ Go to your device and choose “Settings” in the top right corner.
→ Go to your device, choose the three dots in the top right corner and click “Delete”.
Operate devices

Performing lock actions.
With this access right, Sub-account holders can control devices (e.g., lock, unlock, open the door).

Manage device configuration

Manage device features and configuration.
With this access right, changes can be made in the “Manage Device” area. “Manage Device” includes the device configuration (e.g., door handle, LED & button settings) and the features such as Auto Lock and Lock 'n' Go.
→ Go to your device and choose “Manage Device” in the top right corner.
View and manage authorizations

Viewing and managing users and lock permissions.
With this access right, Sub-account holders can edit, delete or add users as well as lock permissions.
→ Choose “Users” in the menu.
→ Go to your device to see and manage permissions.
View activity log & get log notifications

Viewing and filtering the activity log.
The activity log for all devices connected to the main account is accessible to Sub-account holders with this right. The Sub-account can be used to enable push notifications via the Nuki app.
→ Choose “Activity Log” in the menu.
→ Go to your device to see the activity log for the specific device.
Rights management

Adding new Sub-accounts and API keys.
This right allows Sub-account holders to add additional Sub-accounts and API keys or edit and delete existing ones.
Additionally, “Integrations & Devices” is shown in the menu and can be managed.
Note: Sub-account holders can only manage other accounts within the scope of their own access rights. Other rights are shown but grayed out.
→ Choose “Rights Management” in the menu.
→ Choose “Integrations & Devices” in the menu.


All devices as well as the device state are visible to both the main account and all Sub-accounts. It is not possible to grant exclusive access to individual devices: The owner of a Sub-account can see all devices connected to the main Nuki Web account. Also, the main account sees all devices, even if they were added by a Sub-account.

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