Manage notifications

Nuki can send you notifications for specific Nuki device activities, or important warnings, e.g. when you need to change your batteries.

How to activate push notifications

In your Nuki app, under “Settings” > "Features & Configuration", you will find the option “Notifications“. Here, you can log in with your Nuki Web account. This is essential, as notifications will then be transmitted through your Nuki Web account. If you haven’t activated Nuki Web yet, you can do so in just a few steps.

In the Nuki app, any Nuki Web (Sub-)account can be used to activate push notifications, as long as the Nuki device for which the notifications have been activated is connected to it.

If you want your partner to receive the same notifications, you can set that up as well. Simply log in with your partner’s smartphone through your Nuki Web account via “Settings” > "Features & Configuration"> “Notifications”, and now both of you will be informed of all desired locking activities and warnings.

Alternatively you can create a Sub-account for a person in the Rights management section of your Nuki Web account. Please consider that the Sub-account needs access to the Activity log of the device to enable push notifications.

Note: All email notifications like battery warnings or short term rental information will be sent to the main account only.

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