Door Sensor (Smart Lock 2.0)

The door sensor (Beta) of the Smart Lock 2.0 allows you to see the status of the door. The door sensor recognizes whether your door is open or closed and warns you if you want to lock the door when it is open.



Activity Log

Every action performed by the Smart Lock is recorded in the activity log. This means you can always see which user operated your door at what time.
In addition, the activity log of the door sensor can be activated. This gives you an exact overview of when your door was opened or closed. You can deactivate the door sensor activity log additionally from the Smart Lock activity log.

The Smart Lock stores the last 300 actions. Once the entries exceed this number, the oldest activity log entry is overwritten. Please note that entries are not saved in the Nuki app, but only on the Smart Lock itself. This means that when you deactivate the activity log, the Smart Lock stops saving historic information.

Unlatch duration

The Nuki Smart Lock can pull the latch and is therefore suitable for doors with handles as well as for doors with a knob or a bar on the outside. If you select the locking action "Open door", your Smart Lock will pull the latch of your door.

The duration how long the latch should stay pulled can be defined in the Nuki app according to your individual needs. Select your device in the Nuki app and tap on Settings > Administration > Unlatch duration.

If you have activated the door sensor and selected "Open door", the latch will be pulled until the door has been opened. Once the door sensor has registered that the door has been opened, the latch is released and you manually can close the door again. However, if the door remains closed, the latch is released after the defined “Unlatch duration”.

Auto Lock

The Auto Lock feature automatically locks your door when it has been unlocked for a certain period of time.

In order to enable Auto Lock, tap on the desired Smart Lock in the Nuki app and enter the lock settings. Then go to “Manage Smart Lock”. Here you can configure the “Auto Lock” feature and select the desired time (30 sec - 30 min) after which the Nuki Smart Lock should lock the door.

Automatic locking actions triggered by the Auto Lock feature are documented in the activity log.

If you have activated the setting "Lock immediately after closing", Auto Lock is triggered as soon as the door sensor has registered that the door has been closed.

Lock 'n' Go

There are two options for activating the Lock'n'Go feature, resulting in minor differences in their operation:

  1. Double pressing the button on the Smart Lock unlocks your door (if it isn't already unlocked). After leaving the apartment, it locks again automatically. If you have activated the door sensor, the door is locked as soon as the door is closed. If you're not using a door sensor, you can set the time window – the Lock'n'Go duration – under “Manage Smart Lock” in the Nuki app. After the set time has passed, the door is locked again.
  2. You can also start the Lock'n'Go feature via the app. In this case, the door is not only unlocked, but also opened. This means that the latch of the door is pulled, since it is assumed that you are currently outside of your apartment. However, the locking process is always the same, whether you press the button on the Smart Lock or use the app.

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