Inactive Nuki Web accounts and devices

In order for you to access your Nuki device from any Internet-enabled device, data required for the management and control of the Nuki device must be stored on our server. Therefore, security and privacy is especially important when using Nuki Web, as the data of your devices is synchronized to the server.

We delete inactive Nuki Web accounts and remove inactive devices from your Nuki Web account to ensure that only absolutely necessary data is stored. By removing the devices or inactive Nuki Web accounts, all associated data will be deleted.

When is a Nuki Web Account inactive?

We assume your account is inactive if the last login was more than 12 months ago, and no active Nuki device is connected to your account.
In this case we inform you via email that we will delete the Nuki Web account and all related data.

If you want to continue using your Nuki Web account, please log in again at
If you log into your account within three months of receiving our email, it will not be deleted.

Of course you can always re-register for Nuki Web after deleting your account. To register and activate a device for Nuki Web, tap on the desired device in the Nuki app and open the lock settings. Then select "Features & Configuration"and"Activate Nuki Web".
Here you can find detailed instructions on how to register for Nuki Web and how to activate your Nuki devices.

When is a device in your Nuki Web account inactive?

We assume your Nuki device is inactive if it is not available via Nuki Web for a period of 12 months. In this case it will be deleted from your account for security and privacy reasons!

You will receive a warning directly in your Nuki Web account informing you about the planned deletion of your device from your account. Of course you will also receive a notification after deleting a device.

If you want to control your Nuki device via Nuki Web, make sure it is available via Nuki Web. Follow these troubleshooting steps.

Of course you can also remove your device from your account and reactivate it for Nuki Web at a later time. To do so, select the device in your Nuki Web account and open the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner and select "Delete".
Then use the Nuki smartphone app to reactivate your device for Nuki Web. Tap on the desired device in the Nuki app and open the lock settings. Then select "Features & Configuration"and"Activate Nuki Web".

You have control over your data!

If you no longer wish to use the cloud service Nuki Web, you can delete the data stored there on your own at any time. By removing your Nuki device from your Nuki Web account and deleting the account, all data will be deleted immediately. Information about Security & Privacy can be found here.

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