Set up the Nuki Door Sensor

Always keep an eye on your door with the Nuki Door Sensor

Activate and manage the Nuki Door Sensor with the Nuki smartphone app in a few steps:

  1. Open the Nuki app and enter the main menu (top left, three yellow bars). Select "Add devices" > "Nuki Door Sensor".
  2. To connect the Door Sensor via Bluetooth to the Nuki app, remove the battery pull tab.
    After removing the battery pull tab the Nuki Door Sensor is already in maintenance mode and can be configured immediately via the Nuki app. Please follow the instructions of the Nuki app.
  3. Once you have connected the Nuki app and the sensor, put the Nuki Door Sensor on the mounting plate fixed to the door frame. Check again if the sensor and magnet are mounted correctly.
  4. Now calibrate your Nuki Door Sensor. Move the door only slowly during the individual calibration steps, so that the change of the magnetic field strength can be detected optimally!

From now on you can see the status of your door (closed or open) in your Nuki app in addition to the status of the locking cylinder (locked or unlocked).

If the door sensor was already set up and paired with a Smart Lock 3.0, press the tamper button on the back of your Nuki Door Sensor for at least 10 seconds until the light on the door sensor flashes. Now just follow the instructions in the Nuki app.

Door sensor with displayed battery compartment, tamper detection, led, mounting plate


If you cancel the setup before the calibration of your Door Sensor, the warning "Nuki Door Sensor removed" is displayed in the Nuki app.
During the pairing of the devices, information is exchanged between Door Sensor and Smart Lock. This means the Smart Lock gets the information that the connected Door Sensor is not mounted.

If you want to complete the setup of the Nuki Door Sensor, deactivate the door sensor in a first step.
To do so, restart your Nuki app and tap on your Smart Lock. Now select "Features & Configuration" > "Manage Nuki Door Sensor" > "Deactivate Nuki Door Sensor".

After you have deactivated the Nuki Door Sensor, simply start the setup process as described above.

Note: Nuki Smart Lock 1.0 and 2.0 are not compatible with the Nuki Door Sensor. However, the Smart Lock 2.0 has a built-in door sensor (beta). You can find an installation guide for the door sensor of the Smart Lock 2.0 here.

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